Owen Roberts, President

Born and raised in Albany, NY, Owen came from a family of real estate professionals. As a boy and into his teens he discovered a love for working with his hands, and envied those he encountered  that could create beautiful, strong things with raw materials. After finishing school, Owen began working for a local house framer. Within a few years he began his own house framing business. He quickly established himself as the benchmark for quality, eventually luring some of the area’s most exclusive home builders to recruit his skills for many custom homes in some of our Albany’s most exclusive neighborhoods. After discovering a love for the art of building proper homes, Owen dove head first into the business, learning all things construction and began to build entire homes from start to finish, both on his own land and customer owned lots.
Today, outside of building, Owen has two children and two grandchildren. He enjoys playing golf, hiking in the fall and Clint Eastwood movies.

Bronic Roberts, Assistant Project Manager

Bronic is the younger of Owen’s two sons. He was born into, and has lived every one of his days in the construction and real estate industries. Essentially a rite of passage in the household growing up; Bronic began his career sweeping floors, cleaning job sites, and fetching racks of nails for others. By his late teens he had grown into a productive member of our construction team, working with and leading crews in every stage of construction from excavation to window cleaning. At 18, Bronic got his real estate license to begin selling new homes while also building with our firm. In 2017, Bronic earned his NYS Brokers License and opened an independent real estate company. Bronic not only helps manage our projects from start to finish but is also our sales director, serves in land acquisition and handles all customer services requests. Outside of work, Bronic enjoys playing golf, fitness and live music.